The land of lush green mangroves, migrating birds and turtles, the menacing estuarine crocodiles, meandering water courses, tranquil surrounding intercepted by the chirping of birds and the ever embracing nature, entrails visitors from near and far off places to flock these unique places of tourist importance. Scientists, Scholars, Nature Lovers and Tourists have abundant food for thought and exploration. Bhitarkanika represents one of the finest creations ever. The wetland is represented by as many as 3 protected Areas, namely “The Bhitarkanika National Park”, “The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary” and “The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary”.

Bhitarkanika is a unique habitat of Mangrove Forests criss-crossed with numerous creeks and mud flats located in Kendrapara district of Orissa. One of the largest Mangrove Eco systems in India, Bhitarkanika is home to diverse flora and fauna. Bhitarkanika located between 86’-45” To 87’17” East longitude and 20’-17” to 20’-47” North latitude in the estuary of Brahmani, Baitarani, Dhamra & Mahanadi river systems, has unique attraction and a boast of nature’s most picturesque sites. The unique bio-diversity attracts visitors to the nature’s lap.

Bhitarkanika National Park is a prime habitat of leopard cat, fishing cat, jungle cat, hyena, wild boar, spotted deer, sambar, porcupine, dolphin, salt water crocodile including partially white crocodile, python, king cobra, water monitor lizards, terrapin, marine turtle, kingfisher, wood pecker, hornbill, bar headed geese, brahminy duck, pintail, white bellied sea eagle, tern, sea gull, waders and a large variety of resident and migratory birds.

Entry Points

Khola and Gupti are the two main entry points to enter the most sought-after destination, Bhitarkanika National Park. Visitors should take entry permit from the Forest Check Gate at Khola and Gupti.

Both Forest Department’s and private boats are available at both the places.
Private boats are also available at JAYANAGAR & CHANDABALI.

How to Reach

By Road :

Bhubaneswar – Khola / Gupti (160 kms)
Cuttack – Khola / Gupti (140 kms)
Bhadrak -Chandabali (60 kms)
Bhadrak – Jayanagar (80 kms)

Nearest Railway Station :

Bhadrak – 60 kms to Chandabali
Bhadrak – 80 Kms to Jayanagar
Cuttack – 140 kms to Khola / Gupti
Bhubaneswar – 160 kms to Khola/Gupti

Nearest Airport :

Bhubaneswar – 160 kms to Khola / Gupti
Direction from Bhubaneswar to Bhitarkanika