Enjoy Weekend Days Excursion to Odisha with Sand Pebbles Bhitarkanika Jungle Resorts

weekend days excursion to Odisha

Do you enjoy traveling and love to roam all across the country? Do you have any plans to visit Odisha – The land of mystery and beauty? Want to go for a trip to some of the finest places in Odisha? If yes, then Sand Pebbles Bhitarkanika Jungle Resorts can help you enjoy weekend days excursion to Odisha.

Excursions provide direct source of knowledge and acquaint one with first hand information. It also provides an opportunity to the traveler for development of his or her aesthetic sense. By excursion people become interested in the explo­ration of their environment and develop qualities of resourcefulness, self- confidence, and initiative.

Bhitarkanika is the core area of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary located in the north-east region of Kendrapara district in the state of Odisha in eastern India. The national park is home to saltwater crocodile, Indian python, King cobra, black ibis, and many other species of flora and fauna. It hosts many mangrove species, and is the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India.

The major attraction of Bhitarkanika National Park remains the wildlife wealth. It is a very good place to sight the giant salt water crocodile, along with other reptiles like the water monitor lizard and the king cobra. Spotted deers and wild boars are plentiful in the park and can be spotted at all the major locations. A range of Kingfishers are found here and can be spotted along the many creeks and reveries within the park.

When you visit Bhitarkanika, the boat ride from Khola to Dangmal or vice versa are highly recommended. Khola is one of the gateways into the park. This is along an artificial creek and it passes through dense mangrove forest providing a glimpse into the estuarine ecosystem and its wealth of fauna. The best time to travel through this creek is early morning or before sunset. Sand Pebbles Bhitarkanika Jungle Resorts helps tourists go on a one day trip to Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha. Come along and enjoy the beauties of this region at surprisingly reasonable costs. Odisha is full of history, culture and tradition.

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