Explore the Mini Amazon at an Affordable Price

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Winter is here! No, I am not quoting the famous Game of Thrones house stark’s phrase from the final season here. I am telling you the reality. Winter is truly here and it’s the perfect time to plan a small vacation with friends and family to enjoy the pleasant weather with beautiful scenery and delicious foods besides.

And if you are a nature and animal lover then Bhitarkanika — The Crocodile sanctuary of India also known as the mini-amazon is the perfect holiday destination for you. Because during winter the 145 km sq. the national park of Odisha becomes more greenish and various species of birds make this place a heaven on earth. And for wildlife photographers, it’s the perfect place where they can test their photography skills.

The land of Flora and Fauna also called the crocodile sanctuary in India has one of the largest populations of an endangered saltwater crocodile in India and is globally unique in that, 10% of the adults exceed 6 m length. As per reports around 3000 saltwater crocodiles were born in 2014, annual breeding and nesting season.

Apart from saltwater crocodiles and various species of birds, the national park of Odisha is home to the Indian python, black ibis, wild boars, rhesus monkey, chital, darter, cobra, monitor lizard, and many more.

You can explore most of the sightseeing by boat which has the permission of the Forest department. Also, if you are interested in ancient stories then you will find out about king Kanaka who used to hunt in this place. You will find out the hunting towers and artificial water holes around the sanctuary.

There are so many places in Odisha that deserve to be in the limelight and Bhitarkanika is one of them. And thanks to the state govt., finally they are looking forward to this and Odisha Tourism is displaying Bhitarkanika as a destination for eco-friendly and rich nature where tourists can enjoy a variety of wildlife and birds. 

I am sure you must have had explored so many places so far and have witnessed some really awesome beauties of nature. How about adding wildlife tour Odisha in your bucket list which will not only give you the adventure you are looking for but also it will bring out the real you with its beauty. If you’re really up to for some real and fascinating stuff then Sand Pebbles Bhitarkanika Jungle Resorts is waiting for your arrival.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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